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About CatalystRx

As a full service Pharmacy Benefit Manager, CatalystRx provides effective solutions to manage your pharmacy benefit plan and to protect and improve your bottom line. Founded in 1994 and developed around strong, innovative principles in the management of prescription drug programs, CatalystRx currently manages over 3.5 million members located in all 50 states. Our continued commitment to innovation, efficiency and superior customer service has helped our clients balance management of pharmacy costs with quality of care.

The CatalystRx website has many features to help you understand your prescription benefit including:

  • List of covered and excluded categories
  • Understand your co-payment responsibilities
  • Find out if a drug is available in generic form
  • Learn if alternative medications exist
  • Learn about drug uses, interactions, strengths, and side effects
  • Find a pharmacy in a specific city or zip code
  • Print a temporary card

Click here to visit the CatalystRx website:

Superior Customer Service

The Catalyst Rx Help Desk provides toll-free pharmacy and customer service 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Our fully-integrated service centers are located in Maryland, Nevada, and North Carolina and are staffed with licensed pharmacy technicians and experienced customer service representatives. The Catalyst Rx Help Desk is available to answer questions about your drug benefit plan, pharmacy network, claims history and claims processing, and will provide on-line pharmacy and eligibility assistance.

Help Desk Number: 1-888-727-5560